Agios Dometios C primary school

The school was established in 1960 as a public school of the Greek Cypriot Community in Cyprus, the same year the Cyprus Republic was founded.  

The school is situated on the Green Line, in Agios Dometios Municipality, that separates the Greek Cypriot from the Turkish Cypriot community since the war in 1974.

The school as an organization works under the Cyprus government Ministry of Education and Culture and mostly follows the National Curriculum of the Greek Ministry of Education and Culture. The lessons taught are Greek, Maths, History, Geography, Religious education, Science, Design and Technology, English, Environmental education, Music, Art and PE. The school has almost all the building facilities needed including a theatre and some special labs or classrooms.

The staff consist of a principal, a vice-principal, 6 more teachers to teach the other subjects of the curriculum and some special lesson’s teachers The school has a multicultural student’s population: Approximately 50% of the student come from the Greek Cypriot community and the rest from various countries such as Syria, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Eritrea, Shri Lanka and Philippines.

Contact person:
Mr. George Siambis, school’s principle

Contact details:
Agios Dometios C, primary school
20, Isavellas
2370 Agios Dometios

Tel. 22878498, Fax. 22878499