NMS Anton-Sattler-Gasse

The school is a public European full day  middle school. It is attended by  450 students and the staff consists out of  70 teachers, a school psychologist, a job coach and a school doctor. Over 60% oft he pupils have a different native language than German.

 It distinguishes itself  through its focus on integration and promoting cultural education through activities such as teaching the languages of  the neighbouring countries and having multilinguistic projects. This also manifests itself in a multilingual library. The motto of this school is „Fit und Vital, Fordern und Fördern“ (Fit and Vital, Challenge and Support). This is why sporty activities and healthy food are promoted, valued and integrated in every day life.

Contact person
Katharina REINDL

Contact details
European Middle School
Anton-Sattler-Gasse 93
A-1220 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 203 47 81/211
Email: nms22anto093k@m56ssr.wien.at
Homepage: http://gts-anton-sattler-gasse.schule.wien.at/